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It’s Jaywhon from Talk Is Sleep. Hope your doing well, welcome to another post. Let’s get right into it! Today were talking bedding stores. Now I want to be clear on this, these stores are online stores. A lot of people aren’t used to shopping online yet and get scared when they hear the words online. I want to clear on these website’s security and also on their quality.

We are going to look at 2 different stores today and see where the deals are for you. As I always say in the end I hope I can help you to make the right decision for you and your family. There are plenty of bedding sets sales from, so many bedding stores. Without further hold up, let’s jump right into this one.

Bedspreads Sale

Bedspreads!. Where do, I start. Well let’s start by saying, you can buy, quilted, satin, silk, and cotton blends of bedspreads. The difference between a bedspread and comforter is a bedspread is more of a quilt. This usually what your parents or grandparents has on hear beds back in the 80’s.

I still like the throwback look to them, hear is a certain comfort with a bedspread. You can see a lot of them from the two website’s we have looked at, so see if their is one that catches your eye. Maybe you will keep it or gift it to someone. After researching today their were between 20,000 bedspreads on both website’s.

I also seen 20 different deals on the website’s as well. If you are a member that makes it better for you with getting more money off.

Designer Bedding Collections

These beautiful collections are for the person that doesn’t mind visitors in their bedroom. When you buy designer it’s for sure that your not going to hide it. This style is also one of those make your bed every morning types of themes. High quality needs to be treated like high quality.

Designer bedding can also mean simply the design of the bedding. In many cases it can mean the material it is made from. The look in this category is special a thing. Take this as your style, not someone else’s or a magazine look.

Satin, soft, comfy, and a luxury. All beautiful designs for your money but these collections can also be purchased for less than $100. I willing to show you the way if you think this is the style your looking for.

Baby Crib Bedding

Do you have a baby girl or boy and do they like animals or vehicles?. Well with baby bedding you can do what ever baby and mommy and daddy want. You have a lot of choices hear from sports, to Disney themed. Depending on you themed have fun hear and never worry that you made the wrong choice.

Cribs nowadays convert into smaller toddler beds, so buying crib bedding doesn’t have to be crib bedding. Open you imagination and have fun, baby will thank you later. I always love elephants and my children love elephants, so that choice was easy in my house.

My nephews love transformers and my family always buy them something that adds to that theme. They love it! My niece just loves anything princess, so we try to buy her all the princesses. I like filling hear cribs with those same stuffed animals or cool wall stickers and murals.

Cheap Bedding

My definition of cheap is below $50, not sure about you. Between and you can find many down comforters for cheap. I found at least 5 comforters today that were high quality and under $50. These were in the basic sizes, which are twin through king.

The only knock I can see one them is the limitation on colors. Most down comforters are lighter colors and some require duvet covers. Also, thinking of cheap bedding you must take care of it (don’t’s over-use). Make sure you wash when needed and do not eat in bed if you can help it.

In the end, if you want to go this route for your family bedding or your personal bedding follow these 3 rules:

1. Find the best price for you and try to save money.

2. Order from a quality store, so you get quality products.

3. Take care of your investment!.

Talk Is Sleep

Well I hope that I gave you a few options to choose from with the stores up top. These are easy options you might say, but what you don’t know are the many themes available. You can guarantee that you are buying quality from these two website’s no questions!.

Don’t forgot to leave your feedback below any feedback is good feedback, so that I can improve! I do my best to research and keep you informed. I also always reply to comments and look forward to hearing from you soon. Like I always say until next time,

Talk Is Sleep!



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6 thoughts on “Bedding Stores – Bedding Sets Sale

  1. I was always afraid of buying really expensive bedding sets, is it safe for the washer and dryer or will it get torn up?

    1. Hello Jonathan,
      Thanks for your comments. I understand your hesitation, but these bedding sets are completely washer friendly. There are also extremely durable and made to last. Now I’m not going to say they wont get torn up after time, but everything wears down with use. I purchased my nephew a set and his mother washes his every week and it stills looks pretty good.

      Hope this answers your question, if not let me know and I will be more than happy to help with any other questions.


  2. Thank you for the reminder! Our first Grandchild will be here soon, and we need to look into toddler bedding. Do you think that Overstock has better varieties to choose from compared to Walmart? Thank you.

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