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Welcome to Talk is Sleep! We are very excited that you chose to give our website a look for your shopping needs. We have a tremendous selection for professional sports fan from bedding, bedding sets, accessories, and so much more. When it’s bedtime Talk is Sleep!


I started with a love of money like everyone else. With children and a wife at home I had to do something. I realized that in-order to make the kind of money I wanted, I had to work extremely hard for it.

I looked all over the web for get-rich-quick schemes until I decided to put my hard work towards something I really knew about. When my granddaughter was born that really pushed me into just going for it. I jumped in head first and I haven’t looked back since.


Wanting to help people with a problem is human nature. We chose to help professional sports fans, parents, and grandparents with their dream sports bedrooms. When I was younger I always had my favorite team’s comforter, trashcan, and curtains.

All my friends hated being in my room because it was filled with my favorite team’s stuff, but I loved it! Here at Talk is Sleep you can purchase all of that and more and make a huge statement to whoever comes over. There are a lot of different professional teams out there, so make sure you put in your two cents and see what happens.


The purpose of Talk is Sleep is to help parents, grandparents, loved ones, and sports fanatics to find the latest in professional sports bedding and accessories trends without searching relentlessly on hundreds of sites for that perfect item. We have many choices of teams, styles, and accessories from all over the world. We also keep up with what’s new in the industry of professional sports bedding and accessories!!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jaywhon Herron

Founder of Talk is Sleep


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4 thoughts on “About Jaywhon

  1. Hi Jay, Great about me post and when you say that you looked into the Get Rich Schemes they don’t work do they i know because i been there.

    Best of luck Jay

  2. Hi Jay,
    You are correct about the Get Rich Route it doesn’t work i have been there, you have a good looking site and good luck.


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